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Горизонтальная рельсовая страховочная система MARAN

Артикул: MARAN
Производитель: Protekt (Польша)
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Горизонтальная рельсовая страховочная система MARAN

Горизонтальная рельсовая страховочная система MARAN состоит из алюминиевой рельсы длиной 3 м, ползунка, непосредственно к которому крепится индивидуальная страховочная система рабочего, усиливающих пластин и ограничителя. Система MARAN монтируется к точкам постоянной конструкции (пол, стена, потолок) при помощи анкерных пластин.Одновременно система способна выдержать до 2-х человек, каждый из которых присоединен к отдельному ползунку.Соответствует европейскому стандарту EN 795.

Горизонтальная рельсовая страховочная система MARAN обеспечивает безопасность передвижения рабочего при работе на постоянных конструкциях и служит предотвращению его от случайного падения с высоты.



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When I wake up after falling asleep, I will go to see her no matter what anyone says. Through an informal meeting, not an official meeting. If the present needs to stop... That would be nice. The racers left their glasses and stood up. The next day, Gisler's 17th. Earth Day. The racers were looking at a glass sword that returned to him. Yesterday, Lu...

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"Hoho... Oh... Sorry. Rey, hoho... But you know what? Because you came early without saying a word. I was also finishing up what I was doing..." The maid bowed her head and laughed. What he was doing was complaining about why he was so busy these days that he couldn't even see his face. But Racers sincerely accept that.

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Kalisna, who was kissing the pillow on the bed, suddenly jumped up. He realized that the racers were still outside. Kalisna shook off her clothes and told the maid. "How do I look?" "You're beautiful." "Good. I'm going out now," said Kalisna, who opened the door and left, imitating the smirking laughter of the court ladies.

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After Sina burst into exclamations, she went there and picked up some of her favorite clothes and held them in her hand. And I went to a temporary changing place. I didn't tell Nelly. I was going to put it back if it wasn't as pretty as I thought. Sina took off Marie Antoinette's dress and looked at it with disappointed eyes. Take it carefully.

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I found a place with shiny clothes. It was a place full of clothes made of sky blue material. Although it was not a lace or ribbon, it was a style that was tied in the shape of a ribbon from the shoulder to the back when worn. How can I cover your body with this? In addition, at first glance, the "length" looks long! "Wow!"

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